Solving Lead Generation for Financial Advisers

If you're wasting your resources on digital ads that don't work (we said what we said), getting stuck in the gruelling, soul-sucking grind of cold calling, or watching your database become a graveyard of unengaged contacts... we've got some good news for you.

It's called Blackjet Autopilot.

The Dream vs Reality: Imagine a day when your ideal prospects are the ones reaching out, booking time with you, eagerly engaging with your brand.

This isn't a fantasy; it's the reality that Blackjet Autopilot creates.

We (Blackjet Social - the agency) guarantee a return on investment for qualifying clients* - all of this is done with no ad spend.

Are you experiencing...

A lack of leads

Marketing that isn't performing

Sales pipelines that feel more like pipe dreams

Sales calendars so barren they echo

And deals that fizzle out before they even truly begin?

What Blackjet Autopilot delivers:

Meetings booked in your calendar on autopilot.

Guaranteed ROI on marketing spend. No ad spend.

Prospects nurtured, qualified leads

Increased customer life time value

Done for you - just a few hours of your time a month.

Meetings on autopilot

Eliminate the dread of cold calling. Blackjet Autopilot seamlessly schedules qualified appointments right into your calendar—no hassle, no pain, just results.

Direct access to your ideal client: Visualise your ideal clients not just finding you but reaching out, booking appointments, and actively engaging.
All on autopilot while you focus on other things.

Watch as nurtured, aligned prospects turn into successful conversions, solidifying deals that once slipped through the cracks.

Gone are the days of gaps in your sales calendar.
We schedule the right people in your calendar.

A team backed by AI.

With our ‘Done for You’ service, your time is returned to you, allowing you to concentrate on the high-value activities that truly grow your business vs trial and error marketing.

Imagine having an extra member on your team dedicated solely to your growth — a marketing programme so attuned to your needs that it feels like a natural extension of your own efforts.

We'll keep you at the forefront with AI-integrated marketing tools that set you apart, giving you the competitive advantage that others are yet to discover.

Data driven return on investment

Dashboards allow you to watch as your investment comes alive and delivers results.

Watch in real-time as your previously unresponsive database comes alive with activity, fostering relationships that translate into solid deals and enhanced customer lifetime value.

Abandon the uncertainty of digital ads. Our approach is centred on organic growth and direct engagement, fostering authentic connections that yield better returns.

With Blackjet Autopilot, your marketing budget works harder, turning investment into guaranteed gains.

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A message from our Founder

Meet Christine Westbury's AI generated avatar - an example of just one of the many AI tools available.

With cutting-edge AI utilisation you gain an unbeatable competitive edge. Our proven, marketing tools perform at an exceptional level,

ensuring that you stay ahead in the race, with tools that your competitors simply don’t have access to.

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A letter from our founder, Christine Westbury

Wellington, New Zealand

May 6, 2024

To the ambitious business owner,

Here's the thing...

Blackjet Autopilot was created to solve OUR lead gen problem first.

It was created to solve lead generation for my agency Blackjet Social. I was sick and tired of a barren pipeline, quiet calendar and I wanted a lead gen solution on autopilot.

So, we went about solving this problem - for my business first.

Putting our hard earned money into trialing technologies, building systems, testing, trialing and failing - so you don't have to.

Now, my business generates leads and appointments on autopilot.

It happens while I work, connect with my loved ones and do other things.

It's the dream outcome for me as a CEO - a compounding asset that works harder than I do.

This is why I've launched Blackjet Autopilot - to solve lead gen for financial advisers. A 'done for you' service so you don't have to figure out how to solve the problem - we've already done it.

This is not just any lead gen system, it comes with a guaranteed ROI for qualifying businesses and the promise of no ad spend.

Something, I bet, you've never heard a marketing agency say they'll deliver on before.

Well, guess what, it works and I'd love to share how we do it for you.

Go on, book a call and let's chat.

I can't wait to show you how to fill your calendar, and the calendars of your sales teams on autopilot.

Let's talk.

Christine Westbury

CEO + Founder

[email protected]

p.s. did I mention we guarantee ROI for qualifying businesses and our lead gen system is all done with no ad spend?

Brought to you by Blackjet Social

Blackjet Autopilot is brought to you by Blackjet Social - the agency.

Blackjet Social is an organic social media agency specialising in professional services industries lead by Christine Westbury with 18+ years experience in marketing and owning businesses.

Servicing clients across the world, Blackjet Social's expertise is in quality content, social media, email marketing and database nurturing.

The Blackjet Social team provide the skills and experience to execute our lead gen offer backed by AI technology - Blackjet Autopilot.


*Guaranteed ROI for qualifying clients

Every business is unique and therefore so are your numbers.

By assessing suitability on a discovery call we are able to confirm a guaranteed return on your marketing spend with us. This could be anywhere from 3x to 10x+ depending on sales metrics such as average sales value and conversion rate.

Terms and conditions apply - let's walk through the process and dive into the details. Book a call today.

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